Dear Madam President
Dina Ercilia Boluarte Zegarra
Jr. De la Unión S/N, cuadra uno Lima
Lima, 15001

I am writing to express my concern about the deaths of 18 people, during protests in the city of Juliaca, in the Puno region, in Peru, on 9 January 2023. I am also concerned about the dozens of people who were injured that day.

These deaths add up to an alarming death toll of at least 40 individuals since the start of the political crisis in Peru on 7 December 2022 and in the context of the repression of protests. The government has targeted those who have expressed discontent with the crisis, by deploying the National Police and the Armed Forces during protests across the country and by making use of excessive force against protesters.

International human rights standards on the use of force mandate that it should only be used against protesters when strictly necessary, in a proportional manner and for a legitimate purpose, and it should then be subject to a process of accountability.

I urge you to seek dialogue and immediately put an end to all forms of unlawful force by the security forces, including effectively putting an end to any excessive use of force against demonstrators. I also urge you to use all available resources to safeguard the life and integrity of all injured persons, providing the necessary support to the families of the deceased and collaborate with authorities investigating all allegations of human rights violations in the context of the current crisis promptly, thoroughly, independently, and impartially.

Yours sincerely,