US state governors

Dear Governor,

I am writing to you as part of an international human rights movement of over 10 million people committed to human rights globally, and I am extremely concerned about abortion rights in your state. Following the US Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade, abortion rights in the United States are at risk of being decimated. It’s now up to states to decide whether or not to protect the right to abortion. Without swift and meaningful action on your part and the part of your state’s legislature, people in your state are at risk of losing the freedom to decide what happens with their own bodies.

I ask you to work with your legislature to promote legislation that would fully protect the right to abortion in your state, and to support legislation that would bolster a broad range of reproductive rights for your constituents, such as access to birth control and comprehensive family planning services. I further ask you to veto any legislation that would restrict the ability of people to receive safe abortion health care services in any way, including laws that impose extreme gestational limits, prohibit access to medication abortion, or put unnecessary restrictions on abortion providers.

Make no mistake: the entire world has its eyes on the actions of the United States-- and the actions that you will take as Governor. I ask that you champion human rights in your state and protect the right to abortion and other critical sexual and reproductive health services.