na prepustenie nespravodlivo väznených a zraniteľných ľudí v Turecku

Minister of Justice
Abdülhamit Gül
Office of the Minister of Justice

Dear Minister,

The coronavirus does not discriminate but the overcrowded and unsanitary prison conditions put prisoners and prison staff at particularly heightened risk of infection.

I invite you use the opportunity provided by the draft law currently in Parliament to immediately release unjustly imprisoned people, and give urgent consideration to the release of those who have not been convicted of any offence and those who are at particular risk in prison from a rapidly spreading disease in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions where their health cannot be guaranteed. I urge you to ensure that those who cannot be released have access to medical attention and healthcare to the same standards that are available in the community, including when it comes to testing, prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

I also urge you to ensure prison staff and healthcare workers should have access to adequate information, equipment, training and support to protect themselves.

Yours sincerely.